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Introduction to GAMIT/GLOBK. Intro_GG.pdf

GAMIT Reference Manual. GAMIT_Ref.pdf

GLOBK Reference Manual. GLOBK_Ref.pdf

TRACK Overview. TRACK.ppt

GLOBK help files.

GAMIT shell script help files found in ~/gg/com/sh_*.

GAMIT supported GPS antenna types found in ~/gg/tables/rcvant.dat. rcvant.dat

GAMIT supported GPS antenna height measurement methods from ~/gg/tables/hi.dat. hi.dat

GAMIT GPS antenna variable phase center information found in ~/gg/tables/antmod.dat. antmod.dat

GAMIT GPS satellite information found in ~/gg/tables/svnav.dat. svnav.dat

Short Course/Workshops 2011: Lima March 2011Lima11; UNAVCO April 2011 (TRACK/trackRT) Boulder11; Izmir August 2011Izmir11; Johannesburg November 2011Johannesburg11; Diliman November 2011 (GAMIT/GLOBK/TDEFNODE) Diliman11

Short Course/Workshops 2012: Montserrat Jan 2012 Montserrat12; Thessalonki April 2012 Thessalonki12;

Kathmandu Nov 2012 Kathmandu12

Short Course/Workshops 2013: PASI 2013; Boulder July 2013 Boulder13

Short Course/Workshops 2015: University of Bristol, UK (January);UNAVCO, Boulder, Colorado (August)

Short Course/Workshops 2016: Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM), South Korea (May)

Short Course/Workshops 2017: University of Bristol, UK (May);UNAVCO, Boulder, Colorado (June); Earth Observatory of Singapore (July); Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia (November)

Short Course/Workshops 2018: GNS Science, New Zealand (February)

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