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Benchmark Descriptions (Word Document)

Old Benchmark Descriptions (.doc)


Brick - Andy Freed meshes for BM5&6: Description (.txt), (model5.jpg), (faultnodes1.jpg), (faultnodes2.jpg), (case5.deck), (case5_coin.deck)

Tets - Carl Gable meshes for BM5

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AVS UCD (*.inp) File format discription

Okada BC's - please read Noah Faye's note to users.

Okada displacements to apply to boundary nodes (these are for 1km spaced nodes). The boundary displacement files are back, left, right and bottom.disp.out. These files have six columns with coordinates x y z on columns 1-3 and displacements dx dy dz on columns 4-6.

Analytic displacements and strains for all nodes throughout the model.


The circle fault problem

Community Block Models

LA basin micro-block model

  Description (.txt); picture (.jpg);  Gocad blocks (.gz); Gocad basement & seismicity surfaces (.gz)

SCEC CBM - Mojave trial